Upcoming Webinar 3: Green and Sustainable Mobility

Mar 9, 2022

The third chapter of our webinar series in anticipation of the 14th ITS European Congress is on the theme of Green and Sustainable Mobility. In Toulouse, Congress attendees can expect to hear about, discuss and see solutions to tackle issues around decarbonisation and reduction of GHG emissions, electrification, investment in physical & digital infrastructure and sustainable transport policies.

Our webinar on 24 March, Thursday, will give you a preview of what the Toulouse Congress will offer on this topic. The webinar will be hosted and chaired by Lisa Boch-Andersen, Director of Communications, Congresses & Events at ERTICO, who will also provide an update on our preparations for Toulouse.

ERTICO CEO, Joost Vantomme, will introduce the strategic significance of Green and Sustainable Mobility. Jean-Charles Pandazis, Senior Manager of Innovation and Deployment at ERTICO will moderate the panel presentations by Isabelle Vandoorne – Deputy Head of Unit, European Commission DG MOVE – who will present some key points of the EU’s urban mobility framework; Stefanie Gritzmann – Environmental Sustainability & Corporate Innovation, Kapsch will give insights into how to reduce traffic emissions with ITS; Olivier Pairot – Product and Marketing Director, EasyMile – will share what they have learnt after five years of autonomous shuttle deployments in terms of operational concepts and business models for autonomous driving on public roads; and finally Philippe Delmas – Client Consultant, Eco-Counter – will present the Company’s end-to-end solutions for bike, scooter and vehicle counting.

Join us on Thursday 24th March, 14:00-15:15, to take part in this interesting discussion and hear about what awaits you at the ITS European Congress in Toulouse!

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